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 Kennel Club Criteria 

Recognition of New Breeds by The Kennel Club (UK)

The Kennel Club General Committee revised its Imported Breed Register Policy in 2007. Three significant criteria were added to the Policy. 1. An application of a breed to the register will be considered once there are 20 specimens resident in the UK, preferably unrelated. 2. It is expected that there is a consistent number of 50 registrations per year in Portugal, the country of origin. 3. There must also be at least 35 dogs individually exhibited at a single competitive event. This is the expected figure normally reached at a main breed show in Portugal, the country of origin. Specific information is also required from countries which recognise the breed. As a result, contact has been made with the ten main European countries where Serra are bred and shown. Their help has been requested to provide the following information:

Name of breed: Cao da Serra de Aires (Portuguese Sheepdog)

Name of breed as recorded by FCI

Co da Serra de Aires (Portuguese Sheepdog )

Total number of dogs in the UK

Six on UK mainland, one in Jersey

Details of the recognition status of the breed in Portugal (the country of origin)

Details of registration body in country of origin

Clube Portugus de Canicultura, Ruo Frei Carlos 7,
1600 095 Lisbon, Portugal

Breed Registration statistics in country of origin

Breed Registration statistics in other countries if known

Show (exhibition) entry statistics in country of origin and at international level

Has the breed been cross bred? If YES, when registry closed

Brief history of the breed and photographs if possible

Breed Standard from country of origin and date of first internationally recognised standard.

Portuguese Sheepdog (Cao da Serra de Aires) FC1 Standard No 93/27:02:1996

Details of working activities

Details of other activities e.g. companion

Recognition of the breed allows registration on the Imported Breed Register although the breed would not be eligible for exhibition until such time as an Interim Breed Standard is published. This is not considered at the same time as recognition, as it is the Kennel Clubs policy to allow the breed to develop slowly before show participation is permitted. Breed recognition is at the discretion of the