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 Kennel Club Submission FAQ's 

How might you help? We would like to urge all those enthusiastic about long haired sheepdogs to sign our submission and to help us establish the necessary breed club.To gain recognition a wide range of information has to be presented to The Kennel Club. To achieve this we ask support from anyone who:

  • is eager to widen the range of long haired sheepdog breeds available to dog enthusiasts in the UK.
  • has experience of gaining breed recognition in the United Kingdom.
  • is a Serra breeder or enthusiast in Europe.
  • is willing to share their experience of the Serra breed particularly with photographs and stories
  • has visited Portugal and seen the Serra and would be willing to tell us about it.

Why should you help? As a dog lover you would appreciated the pleasure that the Co da Serra de Aires can give. It is a dog with a delightful individual character which will bring colour and enjoyment to the UK dog world. It will increase diversity and add pleasure to dog shows in the UK when it is recognised. In Europe, it is still a comparatively rare breed and its future depends on the increasing interest of dog breeders.

What are the main countries where the breed can be found? Numbers of Serras in Europe have been steadily increasing as a result of the enthusiasm of discerning breeders. Gaining UK Kennel Club recognition for any breed is a slow process. Gathering and presenting the necessary information from different European countries takes time. Currently, we have contacted and are receiving information from the Kennel Clubs of the following countries:

  • Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

What process does the Kennel Club follow to recognise a breed? The Kennel Club Breed Standards & Stud Book Committee will consider an application of a breed once there are 20 specimens resident in the UK preferably unrelated. The Committee meets just five times a year. A portfolio of evidence has to prepared and submitted. The application will be considered on the basis of the following information:

  • Total number of dogs in the UK minimum 20
  • Details of the recognition status of the breed in Portugal (the country of origin)
  • Breed Registration statistics in country of origin
  • Breed Registration statistics in other countries if known
  • Show (exhibition) entry statistics in country of origin and at international level
  • Brief history of the breed and photographs if possible
  • Breed Standard from country of origin and date of first internationally recognised standard.
  • Any health or temperament problems
  • Details of working activities
  • Details of other activities e.g. agility, companion

What happens after the information has been considered? Recognition of the breed allows registration on the Imported Breed Register although the breed would not be eligible for exhibition until such time as an Interim Breed Standard is published. This is not considered at the same time as recognition, as it is the Kennel Clubs policy to allow the breed to develop slowly before show participation is permitted. Breed recognition is at the discretion of the KC General Committee. The policy on the recognition of new breeds is currently under review and therefore additional information may be requested and further criteria may be introduced.

Will the process change in the future? Caroline Hallett, secretary to the Committee, has been helpful. She has explained that the process for recognition is under review by the Kennel Club. The aim is to make the process more efficient. We will respond to any changes. Having submitted a portfolio of evidence it is likely that there will be further questions raised by the Kennel Club. Your signature on the submission will be a great encouragement to keep going forward with the necessary work. Do please sign up, thank you.

 Kennel Club Submission